We all know that the education needed in the 21st century is different from what was required in the past. Learners are more curious, innovative and resilient. And as the world keeps changing, so does education evolve to fit more in the way we live, work and relate.

At coeschool,we understand too well these changes and we provide progressive education system where our primary objective is to prepare our leaners for the future, in the present. 

Our learners are encouraged to think critically and to develop problem solving skills so that they are able to solve problems in different ways as well as come up with their own problems where needed. Despite the careers they choose, the ability to think critically and quickly is important. 

All our students are members of their local community. We acknowledge that our learners come from different cultures, ethnic backgrounds and religion. Therefore, we aim to offer secular education that puts into consideration their diversity and embraces the ideals of international understanding. 

In this era of communication and information, we know that our learners are constantly exposed to copious amount of information every day. The internet is such an incredible learning tool that can be great for a learner or turn to be their worst enemy. We teach our learners to identify factual information and non-factual information. The ability to use information acquired from the internet can help improve their oral and written skills.

Our syllabus is learner-centred and guided by international standards to cater for all students.  We also provide lots of extra curricula activities and trips to enhance our learner’s social skills. We encourage cross-curricular learning which is supported by our advanced technological skills.

Our main objective is for our pupils to achieve their full potential during their years with us. Therefore, we work hard to make sure that our attitudes and expectations will not hinder any child from achieving their full potential.