Criteria for Choosing International Schools in Thailand

With the number of new international schools in Bangkok, it can be difficult for a parent to settle on a particular choice. Most of these school offer exceptional features, which makes it even harder to tell them apart.

If you are looking to enrol your child in an international school in Bangkok, here are some top factors to consider. 

The schools you choose should offer the International Baccalaureate. This curriculum format is recognised by top institutions worldwide. If you happen to leave for another country, your child will not need time to familiarise with a new learning system.

Learning Support
Each school has its ways of supporting students to ensure that they reach their academic goals. You should choose an institution that offers learning support, and also allocates adequate time for such activities. Inadequate support has no significant impact on the development of your kids.

One of the critical requirements for every international school in Thailand is having accreditation from oversight authorities. Precisely, every school that has existed for three years must have approval from the Council of International Schools, Worldwide Education Service, and so forth.

If a school lacks this accreditation, it is at the risk of closure. It also means that it is probably offering subpar education.

Teaching Staff 
The quality of education that your child gets depends on the qualifications of the teachers.  The school of your choice should have a development program to ensure that teachers are familiar with the latest teaching methods. 

Class Size
The number of students in each class also impacts the quality of education. If a school has many students per class, it means that the teacher cannot attend to the individual needs of each student. This favours fast learners and means that slow learners get little knowledge from classwork.

If a school has a low student to teacher ratio per class, teaching becomes more effective. 

Extra Activities
Besides academics, the school you choose must offer activities such as arts, music, clubs, and sports. These are useful in keeping your kids fit and healthy. They also provide a break and allow the students to refresh their minds after extensive classwork.