Qualities of Bangkok International Schools

Bangkok's international schools are gaining traction among locals as well as on a global scale. This is mostly because of their excellent features that ensure that students get a quality education.

The following are the qualities that make international schools in Bangkok a suitable choice for educating your children.

The International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a curriculum that is recognized all over the world and is aimed at increasing the mobility and adaptability of students. The IB program produced well-rounded students who can work anywhere across the globe. Each school that uses this curriculum is regulated by the IB organization to ensure that they maintain high standards of education.  

Multilingual Teaching

Besides following an international curriculum, Bangkok international schools enrich personal growth by offering lessons in several languages. Some of the foreign languages taught in these institutions include Mandarin, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, French, and German. That said, these schools also teach Thai to ensure that locals maintain their cultural identity.

Extra-curricular Activities

Bangkok international schools encourage students to participate in sports, whether in a competitive or a non-competitive capacity. Competitive sports involve battling other international schools for the top prize, while non-competitive games are aimed at keeping the students active. Both are vital in improving teamwork. 

In addition to sports, these learning centers also offer a variety of after-school activities that are fun and exciting. These include dancing, music, and other forms of art.

Residential and Field Trips
Most international schools in Bangkok enhance the classroom experience by taking students to field trips. These excursions are essential in helping students in applying their classroom knowledge in the field, as well as honing their social skills through interactions with other people.


If your child is motivated, talented, and has excellent academic prowess, they might be eligible for a scholarship. The award usually reduces or waivers the registration fees, as well as lower the tuition fees. There is also a provision that waives the tuition fee entirely.

Finally, Bangkok international schools promote diversity by offering scholarships to international students with financial constraints.  The only requirement in this regard is exceptional ability in classwork.